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Came around this afternoon

Didn’t know where I had been.

Passed out on a balcony

Somewhere west in New Orleans.

Sun-warmed bourbon in my hand.

I kick my own face in the sand.

Because I live in Blackoutland.


I remember the snapshots

I thought humiliation was exclusively mine.

I’d rather slink off not think about it

‘Cause I’m the one who lives with my me all of the time.

And so I spread my whitewash from the can.

(I cover up for myself when I can.)

When I  inhabit Blackoutland.




Cannot hear for pounding.

And I cannot see for red.

The bottle of bourbon has vanished

And last night’s memory has vacated my head.

It’ll all work out with any luck

I’d like to think you gave a fuck.

And Blackoutland has woken up.


My head feels like a

Roulette wheel

Loss of gravity,

Helps you feel.



Nothing but change in my pockets

But no sign of change in my head

Apologies abound this morning

Although I don’t know what he said I did or I said.

I stumble back inside to think

Empty my stomach in the sink

And Blackoutland pours me a drink.



Quote my mime.

El stastic.

Pay my fine.


Please understand this anger

It only derives from me

The proverbial Icehouse has melted

The ecstacy and the agony.

What does it mean when you wake up

And your unconscious demands to be your crutch

Cause you’ve rehearsed this scene once too much?


My head feels like a

Roulette wheel

Loss of gravity,

Helps you feel.


Woke up this morning

Didn’t know where I had been

Such a scary feeling

Could have

Done anything

Please, friend, you’ve got to understand

That it got out of hand

I’m trapped here in Blackoutland





Like A (I’m trapped)


Wheel (Back here)



I Think The (In Blackoutland)






(Leave me alone)


James Lushey – Guitar, Vocal -  This Version Recorded 2007ish

Copyright James Lushey 2007