Fifteen Percent

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As she sits all alone on the passenger seat

She turns her head shyly from the people she meets

She is fleeing from home she’s confused needs to think

‘Cause her life seems all wrong

Wants to vanish or shrink


She was happy she thought although something went wrong

And her life fell apart

Though she tried to stay strong

Now she sits on the train feeling lonely and weak

And can’t quite put her finger on what she must seek


Through A Tunnel

And out again

Will this journey

Never end



Monotonous mountains go restlessly by

As the poor lonely girl wipes a tear from her eye

And her fragmented feelings clog up inside her head

As she tries to remember the things that he said

But she cant.



Through a tunnel

And out again

Will this journey never…..?



Mum and Dad saw the paper when it came through the door

Was it really their daughter?

They couldn’t be sure

So although at the funeral when so many came

Almost nobody there even knew her real name

Cause she was alone.


James Lushey Copyright 2009