I Hope It’s Not Our Destiny

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I haven’t always been so very good to you

That’ll be the understatement of the day

My honesty well it’s dubious at the best – at times anyway

Half-truths, half-promises and half a good night’s rest.


Periodic moments now of purest clarity

And sometimes I’m afraid to look, and I’m not lying

I realize what I’ve done for you, and you for me

I’ve seen the darkness and I hope it’s not our destiny.



Sometimes I sit and wonder why you’ve stuck with me

Would I have done the very same if I were you?

A testament to unconditionality

I’ve touched the darkness and I hope it’s not our destiny.



The shadows take shape

I fear it’s too late

Like fools we create.

I brought you with me

Do you like what you see?

Is it everything you thought it would be and more?


Here in the darkness I can see your frightened eyes

Here in the darkness arrows made from all my lies

Here in the darkness all our weaknesses arise

Here in the darkness I’m afraid of your goodbyes



Why this confession? ‘Cause I want us to survive

I haven’t given up just yet. Not yet

And I’ll do everything to keep us in the light.

I’ve felt the darkness and I hope it’s not our destiny.




(Words And Music By James Lushey Copyright 2009)

James Lushey – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums