Old Souls

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We’re old souls thrown together

Meeting yourself you are humbled.

An emotional tether.

Instead our symbiosis has crumbled.

We move around here from time to time.

You may have seen us in passing.

Bold as death, defying space, mind and time.

We’re unafraid of the magic that we’re casting.

And all souls will gravitate

As our compulsions to reform necessitate



Sitting on the Bridge with a bottle of wine.

Candles, guitars and hash resin.

While others conceived our explorations a crime,

We didn’t care ‘cause the old souls were in session

Down there on the drift where close friends met with their minds,

Was also the place that destroyed us.

Surrounded by light you had a blinding find

And re-evaluated group clusters thus.

Complications came our way

Silence when we once knew what to say

Our foundations soon became unpinned

And scattered our old souls into the wind.

I haven’t been back down the Drift in some time

Some things are better lost than recovered

I think I’d rather remember those days in their prime.

Cigarettes to ashes and lust to dust.

Copyright James Lushey 2003